Grocery store discounts for seniors are popular and common today. Many grocery stores give seniors special discounted pricing 24/7 every day of the year. Some stores run weekly Senior’s Day shopping programs. For example, your local grocery might give you fifteen percent off every item in the store every Wednesday. Several grocery stores even provide seniors-only shopping hours every week. During seniors-only shopping hours the store is closed to any customers who are not senior citizens.

This type of special courtesy allows seniors to feel comfortable when shopping and enjoy their shopping experiences without feeling pressure to hurry through the aisles or checkout lines. Certain grocery stores will even have dedicated sections, aisles or shelves for seniors-only purchases. Items in these locations are marked at reduced prices. Stores designating specific hours for seniors-only shopping also help keep seniors safe from the flu, COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.

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A few popular stores providing seniors-only services include:

  • Bi-Lo.
  • American Discount Stores.
  • Compare Foods Supermarkets
  • Fred Meyer.

Numerous retails, convenience and combination market and pharmacy stores such as CVS and Rite Aid also facilitate seniors-only shopping hours and discounted senior pricing. Some Rite Aid locations set one hour a day, from 9am to 10am local time, aside for seniors-only shopping every day of the week. 

Other stores do promotions like this as well. Piggly-Wiggly grocery stores give shoppers who are sixty years of age or older five percent discounts off their final prices at checkout every Wednesday. Each local grocery store has its own policies pursuant to senior discounts. Call your local grocery market and ask what their senior discount policy is so you know how to get the best deals available every week.

Many grocery stores post their sales items and special senior discount prices online. This makes having a reliable internet connection an important part of getting the lowest grocery prices available.

Even though senior discounts are significant, some regular store sales offer even deeper price cuts. Many stores apply senior discounts to all items across the board (including sale items) but some do not. Comparing sale prices online helps pinpoint the right times for you to shop and get even larger discounts than normal.

Fortunately, senior discounts are also available for internet services and Wi-Fi packages. Therefore, seniors do not have to spend a lot of money on Wi-Fi in order to save money on groceries. Companies with programs such as AT&T Access, Spectrum Internet Assist, CenturyLink Internet Basics and Comcast/Xfinity Internet Essentials all offer internet package discounts for seniors today. 

The FCC Lifeline program also helps reduce the cost of internet or phone bills for seniors each month.

Next, learn how seniors can find discounts made just for them for dining and entertainment. 

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