Qualified seniors who enjoy dining out can use the money they save from senior auto insurance discounts to eat at numerous senior-friendly restaurants. In fact, many restaurants and fast-food chains offer additional discounts to seniors all year long. Senior discounts make dining experiences more affordable and therefore more enjoyable.

What types of senior discounts can you expect when dining out? Many restaurants discount the price of your meals by between ten and fifteen percent. It only takes a nominal amount of effort to calculate a large amount of savings you could enjoy thanks to senior restaurant discounts. For the sake of an example, your regular meal at your favorite restaurant, including drinks and desserts, totals $25 on the regular menu. If you dine out twice a month and eat the same meal each time it will cost you $50 per month.

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A fifteen percent senior discount reduces your regular dine-out expenses to $35 per month. This particular senior discount saves you $180 per year alone, or, allows you to dine out four times each month instead of two. Imagine what you can do with the total amount of money you save when adding up senior discounts for groceries, internet, car insurance, travel insurance, cell phone service and more.

Dine-in senior discount programs often function the same as grocery store senior discount programs. For example, Waffle House discounts bills by ten percent for senior citizens, including ages sixty and above, every Monday.

Some restaurants, especially diners, offer senior pricing during certain hours every morning. Other restaurants offer senior discounts every day they are open. Some restaurants are franchised or operate as part of a larger chain. Applebee’s gives senior discounts, which vary based on location. On average, Applebee’s senior discounts range between ten and fifteen percent.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is always finding ways to help seniors save money. This includes building relationships and affiliations with restaurants around the country.

For example, any senior dining at Carrabba’s Italian Grill who also holds an AARP card receives a ten percent discount off his or her bill. Jack in the Box offers a whopping twenty percent discount for any person who is fifty-five years of age or older. Senior discounts are easy to find on restaurant menus as well. Some restaurants dedicate entire sections of menu items to seniors only. 

Others post their senior discount pricing policies on the front or back pages of their menus. Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Outback, Olive Garden and Golden Corral also have varied senior discount pricing at their restaurants.

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