How to Choose the Best VPN for Your Devices

How to Choose the Best VPN for Your Devices

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are excellent for those who wish to have increased security and encryption when online. If you have decided to get a VPN you probably were overwhelmed with all the choices out there. How do you begin to narrow them all down? A good way to determine the best VPN for you is to decide what specifically you want the VPN to provide. Often, knowing what you want is also half the battle. The following tips are designed to help you figure out the VPN service that is best for you.

What do you need the VPN to do?

Aside from the obvious need for security, what else do you need the VPN to do for you? Do you need a VPN free service for just yourself, or do you need a VPN that has the ability to service multiple connections (like for a household)? If you like to stream your entertainment then look for a VPN service provider that has unlimited bandwidth, touts a higher speed, and has great reviews for reliable connections.

Maybe you are on the go a lot and need to make sure that your critical information is not being grabbed from the public service while you are sitting in the airport. In this instance you would want to get a VPN service that has a high level of encryption and has servers located globally.

It is a great idea to create a list of the features your dream VPN has, and then review various services’ offerings. Most VPN services, such as Expressvpn, make one of their features a priority. Some of the best VPN services feature security over speed, while others offer the best free VPN if you are willing to suffer a slower connection.

Maybe you are planning to stream content, but you are currently traveling in a country that blocks that content. Then you would want to find a VPN, such as AWS VPN Gateway, with a reputation of unlocking content blocked by certain countries. This is particularly true if you have Netflix and want to watch it in a country that does not have an agreement with Netflix. Express VPN is one such service that can get around those particular obstacles.

If you write a lot of sensitive documents for your work, then a VPN such as VPN Nord or Proton VPN are good choices. This is because these services give you anonymity by not retaining logs. This is one of the best VPN services if encryption and security are your main priority. Make sure the VPN you are considering offers a kill-switch, which allows you to immediately erase your “footprint” in case you suspect a breach.

Is your device compatible with the VPN service?

Unfortunately, not all VPN services work on all platforms. What VPN works on your device depends on the types of technology you utilize. For example, if you have a PC and run Windows 10 on it, but then you have an Apple iPhone, then you are going to want to get two different types of VPN. The ability to switch from an Apple product to a Microsoft product, or Android to Mac is not a feature all VPN services offer. VPN iphone, for example, would be a good selection if you need one specifically for your iPhone to be able to surf the net safely and privately.  For the most part, most VPNs work on the following:

  • Windows.
  • Mac.
  • Linux.
  • Android.
  • IOS.

Keep in mind that not all VPN services allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time, like forticlient or surf shark. So, for example, with some VPN services you could only use it for your computer, or your iPhone, but not both at the same time. Also, check the reviews to see how easy it was to set up the VPN. The best VPN services make it easy to configure the VPN on your computer. Most of them offer a user-friendly interface that does not require a PhD to understand. Opt for a virtual setup if the VPN service offers it.

The Difference Between Free VPN and Paid VPN Services

While a free VPN service may sound good, there is a reason it is free. In general while more secure than a public server, it is not as secure as the paid VPN services. Next, even the best free vpn services are slow. They are very slow. So if you are planning to stream anything, a free VPN, such as Hola VPN, is a very bad choice. Additionally, Hola’s Vpn keeps tracking logs and shares your information!

Do you like ads? If you go with a free VPN service then you get to experience many of them popping up during use. Avoid open VPN unless simple anonymity is what you want. The AWS VPN gateway is a cloud based conduit that allows you to move data from your network to the cloud. This is for more advanced users and it is not a free vpn service at all.

For the paid versions of VPN services consider reading the reviews. Look for a VPN service offering coupons, discounts and whose reviews rave about the customer service. Tunnel Bear meets that criteria with ease. Cisco Anyconnect, however, while having good customer service, is not for those who work remotely or globally.

The best VPN services offer 24/7 customer service with LIVE people instead of bots. They also offer a money-back guarantee so you can try the service before committing to a long term contract.

Best VPN Services for Remote Workers

If you work remotely, and you change location frequently, then you need a VPN that is nimble, simple to use and reliable. Some of the following are the best choice for you:

  • ExpressVPN.
  • CyberGhost.
  • NordVPN.
  • IPVanish.

All of these have excellent speeds, are reliable, and all have trial periods so you can determine whether the service meets your needs. None of these log your user data, have multiple services globally, and use super impressive encryption.

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