How to Find the Best Smartphone for You: iPhone, Samsung & More

Updated on 03/29/2023

How to Find the Best Smartphone for You: iPhone, Samsung & More

Many customers are eager to buy a new iPhone the moment it releases, even if they do not fully understand what features are in the newest model. In the past, buying new phones was a simpler process. Not only were there fewer companies producing phones, but all of the phones shared similar features. In 2023, phones are much more complex. There are many more companies producing smartphones. Instead of each company having a flagship phone, there are now multiple models available, each with different perks and features.

Buying a new Galaxy phone or picking up the latest iPhone is also harder because of the cost. Before you buy the latest 5g smartphone, take a look at what features are available and decide whether a new phone is really worth the cost, or if you can wait for the price to drop. You can also look at upcoming features of new smartphones. If there’s a new feature you are particularly excited for, consider holding off on the latest models to save up for a future release.

Android vs. iOS

When you are looking for new phones, you can narrow your selection by identifying which features matter the most to you. One of the most important decisions is which operating system you want. There are two operating systems for smartphones, Android and iOS. Android was created by Google, but it is partly open source, allowing other cell phone providers to make their own interfaces. Android is owned by Apple and exclusively used for iPhones.

Any new Apple iPhone will have the latest iOS installed. Currently, iOS 15 is the most up to date version. iPhone owners receive free updates whenever they are released. However, older phones will not be able to accept the software upgrade. Typically, it takes several years before a phone is too old for updates. Some notable features of Apple phones include the digital assistant Siri, FaceTime and iCloud storage.

In comparison to iOS 15, Android devices are much more customizable. There are also more Android phones available, since the system is open to other companies. Neither operating system is better than the other, so it is entirely a personal decision which you choose. One recommendation is to buy an iPhone if you frequently use other Apple products, since Apple devices are compatible with one another.

Another consideration with the latest iPhone or Android is cost. The new iPhone models were priced between $700 to $1,200. This is comparable to a Samsung Galaxy new phone, which uses an Android operating system. However, there are more Samsung new phone releases compared to Apple. Whenever a new version comes out, the previous one drops in price, so you typically get better deals for Android products. If you want the best iPhone deals, check to see if you can trade-in your old phone for the newest model when it releases.

Design and Screen Size

Another consideration when you’re looking for the best Samsung phone or a new iPhone is the general design of the phone and the screen size. One of the newest design choices for phones is a foldable frame. The frame of an Apple foldable phone or the Samsung next foldable phone open and close like a book. Each portion of the phone has a separate screen. While this provides extra space, it is harder to hold these phones with a single hand. If you constantly use your phone while on the go and only have a single hand free, you may want a smaller model.

In addition to the screen size of new phones, consider the quality of the screen. If you use your phone to watch shows or play games, it is worth getting an HD screen. OLED screens are also a good choice because they have better contrast than traditional LCD screens. AMOLED screens are the newest option. These screens have superior lighting options but are much pricier than either OLED or LCD options.


The latest 5g smartphones typically include 32 GB of storage by default. This is nearly double the size of older models. However, the extra space is partly mitigated by operating systems becoming larger. Roughly 10 GB of space is reserved for your operating system. If you only use your phone to store pictures and text messages, 32 GB is plenty of space. If you like to record videos, or download shows and music onto your phone, you will quickly go through 32 GB.

One of the downsides of buying an iPhone is Apple smartphones do not have a MicroSD card, which provides extra storage space. MicroSD cards are relatively inexpensive for Android devices, and can quickly double or triple your storage space. If you want an iPhone and are worried about storage space, consider upgrading to either a 64 or 128 GB storage.

Battery Life

When looking at new iPhones or Android smartphones, make sure you check the battery life. Battery life greatly varies based on the model of phone, as well as how often you use it. Unfortunately, battery life is difficult to determine. Many phones list the mAh rating to indicate the overall strength of the battery. However, this does not account for how much power the phone naturally uses, which can skew the overall battery life. A battery that is rated to last for 16 hours may only last for 12 after accounting for how much energy the operating system uses. If you constantly browse the internet or play games, you may only get 10 hours from a full charge.

The best way to find out the battery life for the latest 5g smartphones is to look at reviews. If no reviews are available, check the mAh rating and look up phones with a similar rating to get a general idea of what to expect. As of writing, 2500 mAh is considered average, which typically provides around 10 to 14 hours of battery life.

Future Features

The new 2023 iPhones have many advanced features, but smartphone manufacturers are always looking to add new features. One of the newest features on Apple products is LiDAR cameras. These cameras provide greater range and scanning capabilities than previous cameras. Currently, it is only available for the iPhone, but Android developers are working on adding LiDAR cameras.

New Samsung phones will soon include an under-display selfie camera. ZTE was the first to introduce this camera, but it hasn’t appeared on Samsung or Apple smartphones yet. Another change expected for Android devices is Dolby Vision HDR recording, a feature currently only available for Apple products.

Anticipated 2023 and 2024 Smartphones

There are several new Galaxy and iPhones slated for the end of 2023 or early 2024. The latest iPhone is the iPhone 14, but everyone knows that Apple releases its newest model in September. The iPhone 15 is expected to have a USB-C instead of a Lightning port. Likewise, iPhones users can anticipate an upgraded A16 chip or A17 in Pro models. Likewise, Pro models may have titanium frames, and Pro Max could include periscope lens for enhanced zoom capabilities.

The new Galaxy phone, the S23, hit stores in early 2023. But many people are anticipating the S24 next year. Samsung has not revealed many details about the S24, but there have been a few leaks hinting at new features. The S22 is rumored to have a better screem refresh rate and a higher maximum brightness of its display panel.

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