RV Rentals and RV Sharing: An Affordable Way to See the Country!

RV Rentals and RV Sharing: An Affordable Way to See the Country!

Did you know that RVs have not been left out of the circular economy? Hotels have new competition with AIRBNB and other home renting platforms where homeowners can rent out their apartments and houses directly to customers. There’s also Uber, and people who drive downtown without having to take their own cars, or eToro, a new car share platform that allows you to rent out your car for days, weeks, even months! So the extra car you had sitting in your garage barely being used, has now become a lucrative source of income. 

Luckily, RVs and campers have not been left out of the trend. Has the thought ever crossed your mind, how can I rent out my rv? There are plenty of ways you can turn your RV or camper, that you only use once a year, into a year-long money making machine. 

What’s more, there are also ways you can rent an RV from an owner, so you don’t have to worry about third-party fees or having to make the major expenditure of buying an RV yourself! 

Lastly, similar to apartment shares, condo shares and vacation time shares, it is also possible to buy into rv shares. RV shares are great because you get to enjoy the benefits of owning an RV, but you don’t need to be solely responsible for the vehicle and you don’t need to find somewhere to keep it when it’s not being used. 

There are also plenty of affordable RV rental agencies and RV sharing companies out there as well. Basically, if you have been wanting to go on an adventure, see the country, or get out of town for a weekend with you and your family in an RV, there are plenty of ways you can do so affordably and without having to spend thousands of dollars purchasing an RV yourself. You can find a camper rental, RVshare rental, travel trailer rental, and more. 

How The Sharing Economy Can Get You A Cost Effective RV Adventure

The share economy is so much more than ordering an uber or opting for an AIRBNB rental instead of a hotel. Nowadays, every type of industry is entering the circular, or share, economy. This means that instead of relying on big companies or businesses to get services or products, where you have to purchase from the business to own something, or, for example, if you want to travel the only way to do so is to pay hotels, pay airfare, buy a car to drive frp, a company, etc., now you can do all of these things by taking the businesses out of the equation. 

So, instead of being forced to pay for nights in a big hotel corporation, you can simply rent a room or a house from someone who isn’t happening to be using their home at the moment. Or, instead of having to rent a car from a car rental company that over-charges you by hundreds of dollars and has horrible customer service, you can rent a person’s car for the day and return the car when you’re done with it, saving you money and offering that person a way to make a side income. 

Basically, the share economy is a way to move transactions to a peer-to-peer platform, instead of our only option as consumers being that we have to buy from companies and corporations.

The peer-to-peer system is incredible, because not only does it mean big savings for those who want to rent or borrow, it also offers a way for anybody with a house, a car, or even an RV or camper to make extra money. 

What’s more, according to a 2016 PEW study, almost one fourth of all americans have earned money using one or more of all of these new sharing economy platforms. And RV shares are some of the biggest money makers and money savers out there!

How To Get an RV Share and Some Of The Best RV Rental Sites

The way you can participate in the RV share economy is very simple. People who own RVs and Campers and offer their vehicles when they are not using them on websites and apps for rent. This means that, as the private owner, you would profit from people paying you to rent your RV for however long you agree to, for whatever price you ask for. Oftentimes, by listing your RV or camper for a bit of a lower price than the rental companies, you can always have customers wanting to rent your RV. 

And making money isn’t the only benefit of offering your RV up for rent—so many people in America have always wanted to take an RV trip across the country, or into a national park for a weekend, or just for a quick day-long getaway. But, we all know that RVs can be extremely expensive. So by renting out your RV, you can not only earn money but offer people the chance to enjoy an adventure they otherwise would not be able to afford through RV rental corporations and companies that don’t feel bad charging exorbitant prices.

But, you might be having some reservations. How about gas mileage, and insurance? The good news is, new circular economy companies have you covered. 

Unlike if you were to just list your RV or Camper privately on a classified platform like Craigslist, or in another online or newspaper ad, you won’t have as much control over your renter, how they will take care of the vehicle, or damages they may inflict upon it after. 

But, with the sharing economy, there are plenty of apps and companies that take the guesswork out of these situations. Just like AIRBNB, if you decide to use the reputable share apps and sites out there, the companies themselves will ensure that any renter is a trustworthy person. You will be able to screen potential renters and see their reviews, so you can see how they treated rentals in the past, and if the owners of those past rentals approved of them. 

What’s more, by using one of these share apps and websites, you can set up security deposits, so that in case the renter damages the vehicle, you will have the money already in your account to cover the damages. And, you can even find apps and websites that offer rental insurance, so that in the case the renter damages your RV, you can have the damages covered. 

The Best RV Share Sites and Apps

Are you convinced that listing your RV for rent, or renting an RV, is something you want to do? 

RVShare is one of the biggest and best peer-to-peer RV sharing companies out there. They were the first to revolutionize the way people could share and rent RVs. It is the largest peer-to-peer network for RV shares, and provides options that range from value to luxury. 

USA RV Rental is a reputable share company that is loved for it’s simple interface and quick rental process. Their booking process is only three steps!

Cruise America is one of the biggest rental companies out there, but they are not peer-to-peer so you might be paying much higher prices since it is only a rental company. But, they have over 100 locations all over America. 

El monte RV Is one of peer-reviewers favorite rental companies. This is because they not only rent to you, but they provide resources to help you plan your trip in any region of the United States.

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