A vital aspect of learning how to be an Uber driver or drive Lyft is the application processes. Safety is a primary concern for all rideshare companies. This applies to drivers and customers alike.

This also applies to companies such as Grubhub and UberEats, which deliver fast-food and full-meal takeout food deliveries.

Rideshare Driver: What To Know About The Application Process

Uber applicants have the choice of driving for:

  • Uber (transporting passengers).
  • UberEats (delivering fast-food or restaurant meals).
  • Uber Direct (delivering packages to customers in specified regions around the country).
  • Uber Connect (delivering packages to friends and family members of customers in specified regions around the country).

When you submit your Uber driver application you must specify the division of Uber to which you are applying. Please note, if your vehicle does not meet all minimum Uber car requirements your application will be rejected. Uber has more divisions and job positions than Lyft. Even so, your Lyft driver application must specify your preferred job position with the company.

All applications are submitted online. Your name, phone number and additional required documents are all submitted with your application. The Lyft application process requires up to thirty minute to complete. Uber takes up to three business days to process and accept your application submission. If Uber accepts your application your potential employment with the company enters a pending status, which means you have met all minimum age and vehicle requirements.

Both Uber and Lyft wait on the results of your criminal background check before making any hiring decisions. It might take as many as seven days until your background check results are returned to Uber or Lyft. If you are interested in learning how to be a Lyft driver or work for Uber as fast as possible it is necessary to have all required documents prepared when you submit your application. Any errors in the information you provide or missing documents might result in your disqualification.

Each rideshare company has its own policies pursuant to automobile requirements. Vehicles must be insured. You are permitted to drive vehicles you do not own provided you are listed on the insurance policy as a legally covered driver. The quality and shape of your vehicle is also taken into consideration. Lyft driver requirements demand employee’s vehicles to have no commercial placating, taxi-type paint jobs or vital missing parts or components. Cosmetic damage must be minimal at most.

Salvaged, reconstructed or rebuilt vehicles are not approved by Uber. Each company also has specific makes and models it approves and even recommends its drivers use. Lyft does not permit its employees to drive several subcompact automobiles or stretch limousines. Seat belt and rental car limitations and requirements also apply.

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