Did you know you can drive for Lyft or Uber even if you do not own a vehicle? A rideshare rental program allows people to obtain transport and delivery jobs using rented vehicles. Some drivers do not own a vehicle but have permission to use a car owned by a friend or family member. For people without access to such conveniences, Uber and Lyft provide proprietary rental car programs.

Uber car rental programs allow drivers to choose rental vehicles made available either directly through Uber or one of its approved car rental affiliate companies.

Don’t Own a Vehicle? Rent One with a Rideshare Car Rental Program

Drivers operating rented vehicles from unapproved sources will be disqualified from the job. Rental prices vary based on the type of vehicle you choose, how long you maintain its rental status and state laws and regulations. Prices vary greatly around the country based on regional economics as well. Both hourly and weekly rentals are available so it is necessary to do proper research to assess your costs of your Uber rental versus your profits.

The Lyft Express Drive program requires a refundable security deposit pending the car you rent is returned in the same condition it was at the time you initially rented it. If you are approved for the Lyft Express Drive program you must also select the date, time and location where you will pick up the rental car. Unlimited miles are included. Personal-use miles are also included within certain limitations.

Personal-use miles must be specified as part of your rental application. The program allows drivers to use Lyft rental cars for personal needs when not on the clock with the company. This means trips to the grocery store, bank or to pick the children up from school are all possible when you rent a car through Lyft. If you exceed the personal-use mileage as specified in your rental agreement you will be charged extra when you return the vehicle.

You will want to maximize the use of your Uber Lyft Express Drive rental car to ensure you make the most profits from your job. It is necessary to research the amount of work you will receive and how much money you will earn.

Then compare that information with the expenses of renting and fueling a vehicle. The Lyft auto rental program requires one-week minimum rental periods. Do you need a rental car for one full week? Rental expenses add up quickly. Assessing income vs. expenses is essential to making the most money possible when you are a rideshare driver who is renting a car for work.

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