Are you looking for the best electric shaver for men on the market? Fortunately, you have numerous excellent product options from which to choose. Electric razors charge up with an electrical power cord. Some contain batteries and recharge after periods connected to an electrical outlet.

Others work only when plugged to a power source. When powered on, the blades rotate or spin at a predetermined rate of speed. The rapid rotation of the blades smoothly cuts your facial hair close to the skin without the need for water or shaving cream. Cuts and bumps commonly associated with many disposable razor blade products simply disappear when shaving with the best electric razors sold today.

Best Electric Razors for 2022

The Best electric razor for men is widely considered to be the Braun Series 9 9370cc Electric Shaver. This rechargeable top-shelf shaver includes a precision trimmer, wet and dry foil shaver, clean and charge station, and travel case.

Five shaving elements, four cutting elements and one proprietary SkinGuard work in tandem to get you the best shave possible. Its shave station is the only five-action alcohol-based shave station in the world today.

Braun also imparts the Series 9 9370cc with its proprietary Intelligent Sonic and AutoSense Technology 10,000 micro vibrations and an adaptive shaving motor.

The Series 9 9370cc adaptive shaving motor is specifically designed to capture more hair during each stroke and even works on the densest and coarsest beards out there. Priced at an average MSRP of $300 per unit, the Braun Series 9 9370cc Electric Shaver is designed for men who take shaving seriously every day.

The Remington f5-5800 electric razor sells for an average MSRP of $54.99 and is therefore not even close to the same price-point league as the Braun Series 9 9370cc.

The reason the 2013-released f5-5800 is on this list is because, despite its approximately $250 price differential from the Series 9 9370cc shaver, it still puts up stiff bang-for-your-buck competition to the reigning champion Braun product.

This popular rechargeable foil shaver contains three foil shaving elements, which flex independently across your face. The f5-5800 is cordless, water-washable and supports worldwide voltages for up to sixty minutes per use.

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is another popular electric shaver for men. This is a different product entirely than the high-priced Philips OneBlade “wet” razor and has its own set of benefits and features. This OneBlade is a hybrid device, which is usable as a quality electric and hair trimmer both.

Its largest benefit is having the convenience of both capabilities in one device. The OneBlade Hybrid’s affordability is another. Priced at an average MSRP of only $34.95, this close-cutting, smooth-shaving, hair-trimming unit will not break the bank to get you the shave you need – plus more.

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