Are you looking for the best single blade razor available without making multiple trips to the store or online experimental purchases? Do you want a 5 blade shaving razor with extra features, including shave cream, a shave brush, soap and other features? Perhaps signing up for a monthly shave club subscription is the right choice for you.

A shave club subscription includes a variety of options depending on the company offering the subscription plans. Some companies such as Harry’s razors offer shave sets, razor and blade packages and pre-and-post shave accessories plans.

Need Monthly Shaving Supplies? Try These Best Shave Club Subscriptions
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Each German-engineered Harry razor is made with a high-quality Swedish steel, which is designed for a close, comfortable shave every time.

Every razor cartridge utilizes a flex hinge, which allows blades to contour every inch of your face closely and smoothly without nicks and cuts. Blades also include lubricating strips for an extra smooth experience and final shave.

The Truman Set contains one Truman handle with a textured rubber grip and weighted core. This set also contains three cartridges, foaming shave gel and a travel cover. The Truman Set ($15 per delivery plus taxes and shipping) also comes in three optional colors (bright orange, indigo blue and tropical green).

Additional Harry’s saving sets and associated prices include:

Winston Set ($25 per delivery; diecast zinc body & graphite finish Winston handle; shave gel and travel cover).

Shave Travel Kit ($30; TSA-friendly sizes; Truman handle; travel cover; travel-size shave gel; tear-resistant travel bag).

Shave and Shower Travel Kit ($35; same as Shave Travel Kit w/additional TSA-sized shampoo, conditioner and face wash).

Shave with Pride Kit ($25 per delivery; 100% of profits donated to Trevor Project; three blades; shave gel; travel blade cover; artist-created box and iridescent handle).

The Bevel shave system is especially useful for men who easily suffer from razor burns, cuts, rashes, bruises and bumps. These products are also beneficial to any man who simply wants an irritation-free shave kit delivered to his home every month.

The Bevel Shave Kit includes a Bevel safety razor, pre-shave oil, shave cream, shaving brush, blades and a post-shave balm. The auto-ship option delivers everything to your doorstep each month except the razor for $59.95 plus taxes and delivery charges (with a thirty-day money-back guarantee).

The Dollar Shave Club essentially pioneered the monthly shaving subscription model. The company continues to deliver some of the best shaving products on the market at affordable prices today.

The Dollar Shave Club also offers one of the most customizable subscriptions available as well. You begin by taking a fast quiz about your shaving needs and grooming habits.

The Dollar Shave Club makes recommendations about its best products for you from there. The 6 Blade Starter Kit sells for $10 (one handle, two 6-blade razors). The Shave Essentials Kit is priced at $26 and includes one handle, four 6-blade razors, shave butter and a razor cover.

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