Try These Best Razors Designed for Men

Every man’s face is different, especially when it comes to choosing a razor for shaving. You need the closest, smoothest shave possible whether you prefer a disposable 5 blade shaving razor or a versatile electric shaver.

Razors are purchasable in stores but also as part of convenient monthly online-only subscription plans. Options are available for every type face and in every price range. Read ahead for a valuable guide to the best razors designed for men on the market today.

Best of Today's Disposable Razors
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Disposable razors have come a long way from when they were first introduced on the market in 1901. William Emery Nickerson and (not surprisingly) King Camp Gillette conceived of the disposable blade in 1895 and became millionaires by 1910 thanks to their Gillette disposable safety razor.

The popularity of the disposable razor never waned and today disposable razors for men are available in one through six blades with a variety of additional features.

The best Gillette men’s razor products available in the disposable category today are the Gillette Sensor3 and Gillette Sensor2 Plus. Both razors are consistently rated inside the top-10 most popular disposable men’s razors on the market year after year. Both are also sold for especially reasonable prices.

The Sensor2 is a dual-blade product, which includes a lubricating strip above the blade. The lubricating strip helps attain a smoother, closer shave than even the regular Gillette Sensor2 razors, which are manufactured with no lubrication features.

The Sensor2 Plus sells for a reasonable average MSPR of approximately $11.82, especially considering the package contains fifteen razors. The Sensor2 Plus is perfect for avoiding razor burns and cuts, making it an affordable, durable and long-lasting option for men with regular and sensitive skin alike.

The Gillette Sensor3 is a three blade product with a pivoting razor head. Each razor also includes a proprietary Comfortgel lubricant strip, which activates when touched by water. The pivoting head helps glide over facial contours. The three blades help avoid pulling up ingrown hairs and additional irritations.

The shave is exceptionally close for normal daily shaving routines and the heavyweight anti-slip rubber handle makes this disposable feel more expensive than it is. Each package contains four razors for an average MSRP of $5.39 per pack.

The Schick Xtreme 3 Sensitive razor is a top competitor to the best disposable Gillette brands. Recently upgraded, these razors now include a no-slip handle and an Aloe-based lubrication strip. Each razor also includes a pivoting head and an easy-rinse design to prevent your blades from clogging.

The Schick Xtreme3 Sensitive razors are sold for an approximate MSRP of $13.29 for twelve total razors. The Hydro 5 Sense and Quattro Titanium are also popular, effective Schick men’s disposable razors.

A few more of the best disposable razors available today include the:

  • The Truman (a Harry Razor).
  • Gillette Fusion5.
  • Gillette Fusion5 ProShield.

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