Vedic Astrology has many similarities and differences from traditional Western Astrology. Both utilize natal charts, planets, houses and zodiac signs to generate horoscopes. Both also have multiple dedicated websites, some of which are more popular and accurate than others.

Vedic Astrology, also referred to as Hindu Astrology, is more traditionally known as “jyotiṣa.” Jyotiṣa translates loosely to English as “light or heavenly body.” The origins of Vedic Astrology date back as far as ten thousand B.C. and contain deep myths and spiritual traditions of ancient Indian cultures.

Vedic Astrology Sites

For many Vedic Astrologers, this practice is an accepted scientific method of generating horoscopes and providing guidance to those who seek it. Vedic Astrology is used by some cultures as a way of life and a means to understand past lives and future destiny.

There is little difference between the ultimate outcome of the guidance provided by Vedic and western Astrology. Love, career, health, money and family horoscopes are all generated.

Twelve zodiac signs also exist in both western and Vedic Astrology, although the names of each sign are significantly different. Vedic Astrology uses a sidereal system calendar, however, while western Astrology uses the tropical calendar.

The sidereal system takes changing, observable constellations into consideration, whereas the tropical calendar system uses fixed planetary positions. Vedic Astrology therefore looks more at the effects of karma in motion for its everyday horoscope generations.

Vedic Astrology also places more weight on your rising sign instead of your sun sign and more emphasis on a wide variety of aspects for each planet, including those aspects’ particular weaknesses and strengths.

In contrast, the sidereal system ultimately places you into an entirely different zodiac sign than does the tropical calendar system utilized in western Astrology.

Ganesha Speaks is by far the most popular Vedic Astrology website available today. Similar to other horoscope websites, Ganesha Speaks offers both free and paid services. Free services are available directly online and via free email subscription.

Paid services are available in a wide range of options and styles, especially when it comes to the length of the reading. For example, it is possible to purchase weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and aspect-based readings at varied price-points.

Vedic Grace is another popular Vedic Astrology website available in 2024. In addition to horoscope generation, free tutorial blogs and courses are also available. Paid services include horoscope readings for relocation, health, money and almost countless other elements.

A few additional popular and accurate Vedic Astrology sites available today include:

  • Astrotalk.
  • Astroyogi.
  • Monkvyasa.
  • Futurepointindia.
  • Astro Kapoor.

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