Some of the most popular resources for free daily horoscopes are on websites such as the ones listed above. Other popular free horoscope resources are found in unlikely locations. Spotify Zodiac Affinity is one such location. This service is a tool used to create various and specific playlists based on a combination of your listening habits and astrological sign.

Created by Javier Blázquez, Lucas Aranda and María Artalejo, the Zodiac Affinity on Spotify app suggests the likely top-five tracks for you based on your astrological data. Playlists are also created for dinner parties and various additional aspects of your life based on your birth chart and other astrological data entered.

Popular Resources for Free Daily Horoscopes

Spotify also hosts countless Astrology-based podcasts where both general and specific horoscope information is discussed, relevant to you specifically as an individual and activities and events in the world at large.

The Washington Post horoscope website is a popular online print-media source of daily horoscopes for all zodiac signs. Simply navigate to the appropriate website, click on your specific zodiac sign, and read your horoscope for free each day.

Free, daily Tarot card readings are also available, either with or without instant yes or no answers to single questions.

This type of free horoscope is perfect for Astrology hobbyists. It is also an excellent choice for serious Astrology enthusiasts looking to bolster their daily guidance or combine several horoscope sources to generate the best overall results.

The NY Post horoscopes section offers similar perks and features to those provided by the Washington Post. The New York Post horoscopes are generated by Astrologer Sally Brompton, who runs her own more comprehensive Astrology website outside what she provides for the NY Post.

The NY Post site starts readers off with horoscope information about the current day’s birthday and zodiac sign. No additional clicks are necessary to get to your particular birth-month horoscope, as all information is posted on the same page. Simply scroll down to reach and read yours each day.

Free horoscopes are found on multiple other popular websites. Finding out which horoscopes are more accurate than others requires a bit of research and perhaps even a bit of Astrology knowledge.

Fortunately, many free courses are available online in addition to the free horoscopes generated each day. Astrology King is an excellent free resource for learning the basics of Astrology and horoscope generation on your own.

The same is true for Café Astrology, Astrodienst and the courses and information taught by Maren Altman.

In fact, unless the horoscope site you are reading is facilitated by a third-party organization (such as the Washington Post or NY Post), it is likely the site also contains free tutorials and training courses for your enjoyment, education, and convenience.

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