Some horoscope enthusiasts enjoy creating their own horoscopes by generating free birth charts online. This is possible to do on several trusted and reliable websites and provides the added benefits of learning deeper aspects about both Astrology and yourself in the process. 

Another true benefit involves the ability to compare the results you generate with those found in the entertainment sections of popular mediums as well as those on sites facilitated by renown Astrology experts.

Free Sites That Let You Make Your Own Charts and More
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Mark Lerner is one such expert. Although you cannot generate your own natal chart via his website, you still can learn a lot about horoscopes and how daily planetary movements and interactions impact your life.

Mark Lerner’s Cosmic Kalendar is popular around the world. The Cosmic Kalendar provides daily insight into planetary aspects and how you can expect them to impact your day.

This service is provided for free on a daily basis. Paid memberships for nominal monthly or annual fees grant you access to thirty days or more of the Cosmic Kalendar in advance. This feature allows you to see ahead to how the sky is going to behave and likely affect your life.

Three aspects of this service stand out for the benefits it provides:

  1. Moon cycles are known conveniently ahead of time, which allows you to plan ahead for ups and downs as days and weeks go by.
  2. Major aspects and Astrological events are also known ahead of time, which allows you to prepare for larger necessary changes to routines and expectations.
  3. When used in combination with free natal chart generation websites, the Cosmic Kalendar becomes an essential predictive-based guidance tool for living your life.

Please note: Predictive Astrology is a very specific type of Astrology. Many experienced Astrologers prefer to avoid specific predictive readings.

They instead use Astrology and horoscopes as guidance tools, pointing out likelihoods and probabilities, while also leaving open the doors of choice and change. Astrology does not dictate the outcome of situations and events, but rather portrays the energy and events that shape them.

Astrolabe ( is an excellent free natal chart-generation website. By entering the date, time, and location at any point for any place in the world, you can generate a natal chart for that particular moment.

The chart image is downloadable and includes detailed information (horoscopes) about every aspect found within the chart.

Astrodienst ( is another popular free natal chart-generation website, which allows for slightly more detail when you create your own natal chart for whatever occasion. Astrodienst allows for the inclusion of multiple important asteroids and karmic points and planets into the generated chart.

Possibilities also exist to create compatibility charts between couples and relocation charts pursuant to where you live currently and where you wish to move.

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