Who doesn’t love food? However, you probably know a few people who love food. Love to eat food, make food, drink with food, go to restaurants to try new food, watch TV shows about food…For the foodies in your life, go with one of these awesome gift cards to help inspire them to keep making, eating and enjoying delicious food.  

HelloFresh gift card: HelloFresh is a meal-kit service that ships a big box of fresh ingredients to your door. But they don’t just make you wing it—no, they send you detailed recipe cards that guide you through the entire process.

Best Gift Cards for Foodies

What’s more is that you’ll learn a thing or two about how to properly prepare ingredients and use basic and advanced cooking techniques. So, give the gift of cooking new, exciting recipes with a HelloFresh gift card.

Winc gift card: If your foodie is more of a wine-ie, then a Winc gift card could be a wonderful gift. That’s because Winc is a wine subscription service that sends you multiple bottles of wine, handpicked to your liking, right to your door.

Your recipient can use a Winc gift card to get a one-, two- or three-month subscription to this service, and the longer they stay on it, the better Winc is at picking wines. That’s because you rate each wine and Winc uses that information to pick wines they know you’ll love.

Costco gift card: Costco has everything and more. Plus, it’s all in enormous quantities so you (almost) never run out. For the foodie in your life who cooks for an army or just loves to stock up, get them a Costco gift card, which is good for a membership to Costco and/or to purchase large quantities of ingredients they’ll need to make new dishes.

Blue Apron gift card: Blue Apron is another meal-kit service that allows you to choose a few delicious recipes from an enormous weekly catalog and then ships the recipes and fresh ingredients to your door.

With a Blue Apron gift card, your foodie can get one week or a few months of Blue Apron boxes delivered to their door.

GrubHub gift card: If your foodie likes to order in, GrubHub is a fantastic gift card to get them. Not only do they get to enjoy the amazing food from their favorite local restaurants, they don’t have to leave the house if they don’t want to.

However, make sure that your foodie lives in an area where GrubHub delivers food.

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