Many of the kids and teens on your shopping list likely fit into the gamer or techie categories. They probably also fit into the hard-to-shop-for category, too. But there are a variety of gift cards other than the ones in those categories that any kid or teen would appreciate.  

Disney gift card: A Disney gift card can help you save on park tickets and experiences or go toward apparel, toys, accessories, gifts and other items related to Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and other Disney properties.

Best Gift Cards for Kids and Teens
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Zappos gift card: Zappos is a massive online shoe warehouse, and you can find many top brands, including Vans, Nike, Doc Martens, Converse, Crocs and more.

Since many kids and teens still pride themselves on having the flyest shoes at school, you know a Zappos gift card is going to serve them well.

Fandango gift card: With people going back to the movie theater more, a Fandango gift card can be a great gift for nearly anyone you’re shopping for. But for kids and teens looking for a way to hang out with their friends and see the latest superhero flick, action movie or comedy, a Fandango gift card can help them make memories.

Plus, Fandango offers at-home viewing of in-theaters and newly released films, so they can use it just like Netflix, too.

Happy gift card: A Happy gift card allows you to shop or dine at any of the establishments on a given card. This gift card is a little more personal for kids and teens when you’re able to pick the stores and restaurants you think they’ll enjoy.

Some places they can use a Happy Card at include the Cheesecake Factory, Ulta Beauty, Macy’s Subway, Barnes & Noble, H&M, GameStop and AMC Theatres. Plus, there’s even a Happy card for teens and for students.

Gas station gift card: Head to your local gas station to pick up a gift card for the young driver on your list. This can be a great, thoughtful gift for the teen who’s working hard to pay for gas money or who’s about to get their first car and not even know it yet.

And if you’re buying for a teen out of town or out of state, you can find out what gas stations are near them, purchase a card online and have it sent via email or through the mail.

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