Getting auto warranty services is typically a straightforward process. If you are buying your car from a dealership, they typically offer a basic warranty plan. Unfortunately, you do not get to decide which plan a dealership uses, with most having a partnership with a specific warranty provider.  If you are not happy with the level of warranty, you can purchase a different plan from a car warranty company. Most companies have a website where you can directly view plans. Some companies offer customized plans, which require you to speak with a representative.

If you want to purchase an additional vehicle warranty, it is worth taking the time to compare multiple plans. Do not simply go with the company offering the lowest price, as these plans either lack significant coverage or only last for a short period. If you are purchasing an additional car warranty on top of what the dealership provided, this is known as aftermarket protection.

How to Get a Warranty for my Car
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When you purchase additional auto warranty services, you do not get to retroactively use your plan on existing issues. You must report if there are any current issues when you purchase your warranty. If you fail to do so, your warranty may be voided and you will have to pay back the company for the repairs or replacements they’ve already covered. It typically takes between three to four weeks for a new warranty plan to go into effect. 

If you are considering an extended car warranty, think about how long you will have your vehicle and the general cost of repairs. If you are planning to upgrade from a used car within the next couple of years, extended coverage may not be worth it. You must also compare the cost of the plan to the average cost of repairs.

There are several top car warranty companies to consider if you want an extended plan. If you want to create a custom plan, Carchex offers the most variety, including specialized warranties for lower-income customers.

Endurance offers extended car warranties as well as insurance plans. Endurance has some of the lengthiest plans, making them a great choice if you frequently travel.

The car warranty company with the best customer service is Concord. The company prides itself on being upfront with their coverage and also offer free roadside assistance to their customers. If you have an older used vehicle and are having trouble finding a warranty, Liberty Bell accepts the most makes and models out of any warranty company.

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