Another effective way to save on gas is by signing up for a gas rewards program. A gas reward program provides special benefits whenever you make purchases. Some reward programs provide benefits right away, while others only activate after repeated purchases. Gas reward programs come from a variety of providers, including directly from fuel suppliers, as well as from credit card lenders.

If you have joined a reward program from your credit card provider, remember that most major credit cards provide some kind of fuel-related discount, while others give you cash back whenever you purchase gas from partnered locations. Many of these reward programs offer additional perks, like roadside assistance or discounts on car rentals.

Gas Reward Programs That Save You Hundreds of Dollars

Some examples of credit-based reward programs include:

  • Capital One Venture card.
  • Discover it chrome.
  • Chase Sapphire.
  • American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card.
  • U.S. Bank Altitude Go Visa Signature Card.
  • Hertz Amex Platinum card.

If you don’t have a reward program for gas with your credit card, or if you don’t have a credit card, don’t worry. You can also join reward programs directly from gas companies. 

Shell gas rewards is a popular gas reward program because it offers benefits at the gas station as well as other locations. For example, some of the benefits include a five-cent discount on each gallon of gas, which increases by 10 cents if you spend 50 or more dollars at a restaurant partnered with the program. You also receive an additional discount whenever you purchase five beverages from Dunkin Donuts. This stacks with Dunkin’s own reward program.

You can also get Shell fuel rewards when you shop at select grocery stores. This is especially convenient since many grocery chains also feature small gas stations. In addition to your rewards program, you may be able to save even more depending on what coupons or other discounts are available at the store. Other gas station reward programs include Exxonmobil Rewards, BPme and Chevron Gas Rewards.

The Safeway gas rewards program is another popular rewards program. The Safeway rewards program is more straightforward than other reward options. Every dollar you spend at the grocery store earns you a point. If you are buying a discount, you earn two points per dollar instead. Once you get 100 points in the Safeway gas rewards program, you can redeem the points for a discount on your count. Being a member also gives you access to exclusive in-store discounts and digital coupons only available from the app.

There are other gas-saving reward programs available from other major chains. Both Kroger and Costco run generous reward programs, offering discounts on fuel as well as purchases from their respective stores. Circle K is another chain with a fuel reward program.

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