Another important element of auto-planned maintenance and repair services involves the balancing and alignment of your vehicle’s tires and wheels. Steering is an obvious necessity when driving. A lack of full control over your steering wheel puts your life and the life of everyone on the road around you in potential danger.

Signs often appear in advance, which alert you to the need for a tire and wheel alignment service. Knowing these signs helps prevent both minor and major accidents along with more extensive repair bills.

How Checking Your Tires and Wheel Alignment Frequently Can Save You Money

Two primary signs your vehicle needs an alignment are difficulty steering and the automobile drifting or pulling to the left or right. Gradually drifting to one side of the lane or the other is an early indication your tires are unbalanced, your wheels need an alignment or both. Some cars do not pull enough to either side during the early stages of alignment issues for you to notice when driving. DIY vehicle checkups are one way to detect issues before they become more complicated to repair.

For example, before leaving for work or school a few times each month, walk around your vehicle and look for any noticeable issues. This includes broken lights or light fixtures, dents, cracked glass or low-hanging components under the chassis. When checking your tires for air pressure, also inspect their tread. Misalignments cause the tread on your tires to wear down extensively on one side of the tires. If your tires have good tread on one side and bad on the other it is time to call the repair shop for an alignment service.

Wheel alignment services correct issues with the steering and suspension systems on your vehicle. Full front-and-back alignments cost approximately $100 to $200+ and are recommended a maximum of every 10,000 miles. Misalignments occur when you run over a pothole or hit a curb while parking quickly. Misalignments are also caused by:

  • Accidents.
  • Running over items in the road.
  • Erratic driving or steering habits.
  • Normal wear and tear.

Some alignment issues are so severe it is hard to keep the vehicle moving straightforward. The wheel will look crooked even though you are driving straight. Turning and even changing lanes requires extra effort. Loosening your grip on the wheel causes your automobile to pull significantly to the left or right. If any of these scenarios are happening to you it is imperative to get your vehicle serviced as quickly as possible.

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