The American South West is known for its sublime landscapes ranging from mountains to beautiful deserts, the palpable Native American influence on art and culture, and of course, for geographical landmarks like the Grand Canyon.

Nestled in the heart of the American South West, however, are hotels ranging from massive resorts in Las Vegas to unique boutique hotels in thriving desert towns.

Stand-Out Hotels In The American Southwest

Inn of the Five Graces

In the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico sits the Inn of the Five Graces, potentially one of the most unique hotels that tourists to the American Southwest might ever experience. 

A highly rated stay, the Inn of the Five Graces has been topping the country’s best hotel lists for years. Santa Fe is often called “The Different City,” and this hotel explains why. Located in the historic Barrio de Analco neighborhood, which happens to be the oldest inhabited city in America, this hotel is built out of traditional adobe material and stone. Each room in the hotel is unique, and inspired by the textured, tiled, colorful aesthetic of the native people of the region. 

With a Tibetan inspired spa, stone courtyards with lush foliage and fountains, and a 24-hour concierge service, this unique space is in the heart of one of the coolest cities in the U.S. to explore. 

Rates at the Inn of the Five Graces begin around $700 per night. 

The Cambria Downtown Phoenix

Not every hotel experience, however, needs to be one of luxury. There are amazing cheap hotels that offer last minute hotel deals and even hotel discounts. One of the best of these wallet-friendly hotels sits in the heart of the Southwest in downtown Phoenix, Arizona: The Cambria Downtown Phoenix. 

Arizona is one of the most popular cities to visit in the U.S., famous for its perfectly sunny climate, cool colleges, and proximity to incredible national parks. The Cambria Downtown Phoenix is the perfect hotel to stay at while visiting the city of Phoenix, in the center of the city’s Art District. The hotel is centrally located, is stylish, convenient, and cheap! 

Best part is, this hotel also has a gym, free wifi, and an in-hotel restaurant. 

Rates at the Cambria Downtown Phoenix begin around $150 per night. 

If you are looking to take a trip in the tropics, there are two destinations you can visit on opposite ends of the country: Miami, Florida in the East, and Hawaii in the West. In Florida and Hawaii, you can find some of the best all inclusive resorts in the USA. 

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