How An Auto Warranty Can Help Save You Money

A car warranty is almost always included whenever you purchase a vehicle from a dealership. If your vehicle does not include an auto warranty, you may have a harder time getting a car loan. Having a vehicle warranty keeps you from paying too much in auto repairs.

While this is helpful when purchasing a used car, it is also a good idea to get a warranty whenever you buy a new vehicle. Your auto warranty services change depending on the dealership, as well as the type of car you purchase. Because of this, getting the best car warranty can be tricky. If you understand all the benefits, you’ll have an easier time choosing the correct warranty. 

Learn more about how a car warranty can benefit you below!

Understanding a Car Warranty
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Understanding a car warranty is difficult if you never purchased a vehicle before. Even if you have purchased a car, it is possible the dealership did not adequately explain what is covered by your warranty. Car warranty companies offer a guarantee through the warranty, promising to make any repairs if there is something wrong with your vehicle.

Your auto warranty will not cover every accident that happens to your car. The exact coverage varies depending on your plan. Typically, a car warranty covers mechanical failures that result due to a manufacturing error in your vehicle.

Not even the best car warranty will cover damage from an accident. For that level of coverage, you need car insurance. However, if the accident was caused as a result of a manufacturing error, such as your brakes failing to function, you can hold the manufacturer responsible for the damage.

Car warranties are available for different lengths of time. Most dealerships provide limited auto warranties. This is an auto warranty with an expiration date, typically anywhere from one to five years. These warranties are informally known as bumper to bumper or powertrain coverage.

Whenever you purchase a car warranty, make sure you understand exactly what is covered. In some cases, the longer the warranty is available, the less the dealership promises to cover.

You can request a car warranty quote before you agree to any plan. Some dealerships will offer an increased warranty as part of the negotiation. Before you go to a dealership, check to see if the warranty is included with the vehicle cost.

Many dealerships include a base auto warranty with the vehicle, with the option to purchase additional coverage if you are not satisfied with the general plan. Some warranties are purposefully sparse, so the dealership can increase the length or coverage to make it seem like you are getting a better deal. Unlike car insurance, you are not required to get a warranty plan to drive your vehicle.

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