Veteran car insurance provides some of the most affordable rates. Car insurance providers understand veterans have unique needs because of their service. Because you may be asked to move locations, military insurance is flexible. 

In addition to getting a car insurance military discount, you can also pause your car insurance temporarily. This can be done for shorter periods, such as a training period or temporary reassignment to a new base. It can also be done for longer periods, such as several years if you are deployed overseas.

Discounts On Car Insurance Offered Only To Veterans

Pausing veteran car insurance does not carry any penalties, so you can continue your coverage streak. This keeps you eligible for loyalty discounts and other rewards offered by the insurance provider. In addition to cheap auto insurance for veterans, some insurance providers offer additional discounts or rewards to military members. These are similar to the safe driving benefits that are available under a traditional car insurance plan.

Because veteran car insurance benefits come directly from insurance providers and not the VA, the benefits and application process greatly vary depending on the provider. In addition to traditional car insurance providers, there are also some insurance options strictly for military members. 

One of the largest military insurance providers is USAA Auto Insurance. Because it is exclusively for veterans, the staff has a greater understanding of common military issues, making it easier to get customer support.

USAA also offers some of the cheapest auto insurance for veterans, with most veterans saving anywhere between $600 to $800 compared to other insurance providers. USAA also offers other services for veterans, including home and life insurance plans, banking options and investments.

USAA members also get access to financial advisors who work exclusively with military members. These experts not only help with your finances, but they can advise you on other military discounts or savings you may not be aware of.

You can get car insurance military discounts from other providers, with companies like Geico and State Farm offering substantial savings. On average, veterans receive up to 10 to 15 percent discounts on their annual premiums. Whenever you approach a new insurance provider, be sure to ask if there are additional benefits or special veteran plans.

Some of the available benefits may vary slightly depending on whether you are actively serving in the military or are retired. You may also be able to get discounted rates for your family members through your veteran discounts.

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