Learn About the Best Discounts Out There Just for Seniors

Your senior years hold many proud moments. Alternatively, moments, when you cannot afford all you want or need later in life, are obviously not as enjoyable. Many U.S. seniors live on fixed income benefits each month, which do not always cover the rising costs of living in this country.

While the official retirement age in America is 66, people who are 55 and older are considered senior citizens. Senior citizen discount prices on restaurants, travel and monthly necessities are available. Read ahead for more information on the top senior discounts waiting for you in 2024.

Auto Insurance Discounts Help Save Money for Seniors
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Reduced senior auto insurance quotes help America’s senior citizens save money every month and all year long. Auto insurance is one of the main expenses paid by U.S. senior households each year because it is priced based on driving history and age. Vehicle insurance is also required by law, which means finding the lowest prices available is a vital part of staying within your budget.

Qualified drivers who reach the age of fifty years old might receive mature-driver discounts from auto insurance providers. Drivers who reach the age of sixty, however, are often surprised to see auto their insurance premiums increase beyond what they were before they were fifty, however.

Affordable auto insurance for seniors helps the nation’s elderly save money every year. Discounts are available from various vehicle insurance companies as well as through several senior-based resources. For example, Geico offers a Five-Year Good Driving Discount to seniors who maintain an accident and traffic citation-free driving history for five consecutive years. Geico also offers a PrimeTime discount to drivers aged fifty and older. The GEICO PrimeTime discount program also guarantees the automatic renewal of your insurance plan provided you maintain a safe driving history and meet additional requirements.

State Farm is another company offering senior auto insurance discounts today. The State Farm Drive Safe and Save program provides discounted insurance premiums to senior drivers simply for joining the program. 

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a long-time trusted resource for senior advocacy, discounts and more. Many auto insurance providers offer discounts to seniors who present proof of an AARP membership. The AARP also provides rate-comparison resources to help seniors locate the best deals on car insurance available for them nationwide. The American Automobile Association (AAA) also helps seniors receive discounts on auto insurance premiums when they participate in and successfully pass safe driving classes.

Getting a senior discount on car insurance is possible to do online or with an agent on the phone or in person. Some auto insurance providers offer discounts when you add an anti-theft system or other safety devices to your vehicle.

Most car insurance companies also reduce annual premiums when you trade in your newer automobile for an older model, and when you bundle car insurance with home, life or other insurance policies from the same company.

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Updated on 05/24/2022