What To Know About Mass Torts VS Class Action Lawsuits

Have you ever experienced physical or emotional injury that was caused by a company or corporation, or pharmaceutical brand, and even still dealing with the trauma or the injury? For example, maybe you are suffering from a long-term illness that was caused by a toxic product , chemical, or medication. Or, you could have lost a lot of money or been taken advantage of because of a company’s illegal business practices.

If you think you might have experienced something along these lines, then you have the legal right to take action! By joining a class action lawsuit or hiring a lawyer to pursue a mass tort litigation, you can potentially win a settlement against the company that wronged you and earn thousands, even millions of dollars.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?
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A class action lawsuit is a legal action, in the form of a lawsuit, that is taken by someone, or many people, who were wronged in the same way by a person or a company. In this case, the person or people who were wronged are called the plaintiff, and the person or company who wronged the plaintiffs are called the defendants. 

So, a plaintiff is the person who initiates the case against the other person or corporation. A plaintiff is also commonly referred to as the victim of the lawsuit. 

And, the individual or company being taken to court for harmful practices is known as the defendant.

In a class action lawsuit, an individual or small group of plaintiffs will bring one single legal case against the same defendant. By coming together in a group to sue the defendant, it makes the chances of winning much stronger. In some lawsuits, a group of injured people might even sue multiple entities, meaning there will be multiple defendants in the case. 

In this case, if multiple people are suing the same defendants, sometimes there can be hundreds or even thousands of plaintiffs. So, there will only be a few people whose names are on the case, even though every one of the plaintiffs will receive a payout in the end. The person whose name is on the case who represents the whole body of plaintiffs is then known as class representatives or lead plaintiffs. 

Oftentimes, it is a lead plaintiff or class representative who is the first person to search for a lawyer and hire one, in order to pursue the lawsuit. But in many cases, a lawyer will select a specific victim to be the lead plaintiff who they think will be the best representative for all the victims as a whole. 

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