Earn Rewards And Benefits With Credit Cards Made For Drivers

Credit card roadside assistance, rental discounts and gas rewards are all considerations when looking for the best credit card for drivers. Each credit card provider offers different benefits. For example, American Express rental car insurance comes standard to AMEX car holders, making it a superior credit card if you frequently travel without your own vehicle.

If you are looking for the best gas credit card, you want a card that offers cash back or reward points whenever you purchase fuel. Other benefits, such as the AMEX auto purchasing program are great if you want to get a new vehicle.

The Top Credit Cards for Renting a Car
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Most gas credit cards offer benefits on car rentals. There are a few different rental discounts available. Some credit cards provide a flat discount whenever you rent a vehicle, while other cards either offer cashback on rentals or allow you to accumulate points each time you use your card at a rental agency.

Reward points can either be applied to additional perks based on the credit card or applied for a larger discount on your next rental. Other credit cards will offer free insurance on rentals or allow you to get upgrades from the agency without extra costs.

The Hertz AMEX Platinum credit card is one of the best cards if you frequently rent a vehicle. The card is available through American Express and offers significant discounts whenever you rent a car from Hertz. You are also eligible for AMEX car rental insurance when you use your platinum card.

Your AMEX car rental insurance covers up to $75,000 in coverage. It is important to note, select vehicles require additional insurance outside of the standard insurance plan, which is not covered under the platinum card. Another benefit from your Hertz AMEX platinum card is waiving the fees for car-class upgrades and late fees, up to the first four hours.

Another gas credit card to consider is Chase Sapphire Reserve. Chase offers discounts whenever you rent a vehicle from most major rental chains, including Avis, National Car Rental and Silvercar. Chase sapphire reserve rental car insurance is available from all of these locations, covering up to $75,000 in either damage or theft.

Chase benefits are available in most locations outside of the United States, such as Ireland and Jamaica. Certain vehicles may require specialized insurance, which is not covered by your Chase card.

Some of the best gas credit cards come from Capital One, which has both Visa and Mastercard options available. Capital One offers roadside services on rentals, as well as comprehensive insurance. Capital One car insurance rental options change based on your level of membership. For example, Business and World Elite cardholders have better options compared to a traditional Capital One card.

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