Can you buy a car with a credit card is a common question, especially among modern drivers. Cars are expensive, with most costing more than the limit on most credit cards. While it is possible to buy a car with your credit card, it can quickly max out your limit, making the card unusable until you start paying off the car. You may also end up paying more because of high-interest rates. However, there are some credit cards that provide certain benefits that make it easier to purchase a car.

The AMEX Auto Purchasing Program offers substantial discounts if you use a credit card to purchase a car. The trick is, you do not have to make the entire purchase with your credit card. To be eligible for savings, you only need to charge at least $2,000 to your AMEX card.

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If you have a larger limit, you can charge the entire cost of the vehicle to your card instead. Through the AMEX Auto Purchasing Program, you can expect to save anywhere from $3,000 to $3,500.

AMEX users also have access to the American Express car buying widget, which makes it easier to spot good deals. With the widget, you can search for vehicles based on a number of areas, including price, where the car is located, mileage on the vehicle, body style and car color. If you already know what kind of car you want, you can narrow your search by looking for a specific make and model or the year the car was manufactured.

With the American Express widget, you can only locate a vehicle. If you want to haggle the price, you must meet with the dealer directly. When you meet with the dealer, you can check the cost of similar vehicles using the widget, to ensure the dealer is giving you a fair deal.

If you purchase your vehicle from a certified dealer, you get additional benefits from the Amex Auto Purchasing Program, including the following:

  • Unlimited availability to speak with a certified mechanic.
  • Two auto repair reimbursements, up to a $500 maximum.
  • Two auto insurance deductible reimbursements, up to a total of $500.

In order to use these additional benefits from the Amex Auto Purchasing Program, you must report the purchase within 45 days from the date of sale. Both the auto repair and deductible reimbursements are available within the first year of owning the vehicle.

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