A car tune-up involves an overall check of multiple vehicle systems and components. The importance of scheduling regular tune-ups and maintenance services cannot be overstated. Your vehicle gets you to and from work, school and other important locations. Your automobile also transports precious cargo such as you, your family and pets.

It is common for many drivers to overlook general auto care until noticeable damage is detected. Inconvenience and vehicle maintenance cost are the two primary reasons for this, although delaying or avoiding nominal service charges tends to create larger repair bills later.

Overview of Full Car Service and Auto Care
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A comprehensive tune-up is a full-car maintenance service, which is designed to look for issues in multiple vehicle systems. Most comprehensive tune-ups include a fifty-point service list although each mechanic or repair shop develops a proprietary list. 

For example, some local garages are full-service repair centers, while others are more limited in what they provide. Certain national car maintenance companies specialize in certain repair services but not others. Common maintenance and repair services offered by local and nationwide mechanics often include:

  • Fluid checks and top-offs.
  • Filter checks and replacements.
  • Lighting system checks (including replacement parts and installations).
  • Full safety checks (brakes, door locks, lights, horn, windshield wipers, turning signals, etc.)
  • Battery testing and replacements.
  • Steering and suspension system inspections.
  • Belt inspections and replacements.

Many newer car models contain computer systems. These systems control multiple elements in your vehicle, including emissions, lighting, climate control and even operational functions such as locking, steering and braking. 

When the Check Engine light is illuminated on your vehicle’s dashboard it might mean any number of issues are happening. Computerized sensors monitor your automobile’s spark plugs, exhaust systems, tire pressures and ventilation (alerting you to hazardous fume seeping into the vehicle). Comprehensive tune-ups often include investigating where computer-based issues are located and how to repair them. Prices vary per provider and severity of the repairs and parts required to resolve the issues.

Discounts, sales, specials and promotions are run by various service locations throughout each year. It is easy to take advantage of low-cost tune-up deals by signing up for newsletters from your favorite service center(s) via email. 

Even without discounts, the cost of regular tune-up services is an investment into the longevity and safety of your vehicle. Most repairs are significantly more affordable if the issue is detected before serious damage occurs.

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