26 Best Gift Cards to Give Anyone for ANY Occasion

Gift cards are super convenient because the person you give it to can use it to buy whatever they want (within reason), the cards can be loaded (and re-loaded) with nearly any amount of money and they fit neatly into a cute card or packed stocking. 

Plus, gift cards are a bit more personal than money because you’ve thought at least a little bit about what they might want, no matter how hard they are to shop for. So, no matter who you’re shopping for, there’s a gift card for everyone on your list.

Best Gift Cards for Techies
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You’ve likely got at least one tech-savvy person on your holiday shopping list. And instead of trying to figure out which of the latest gadgets these people don’t have yet, consider getting them one of these awesome gift cards:

Apple gift card: Apple recently combined its iTunes, App Store and Apple Store cards all into one convenient gift card, now known as the Apple gift card.

This makes it even easier to pick a gift card for the Apple fanatic in your life — you don’t have to worry about whether they want to buy music, games, movies and TV or a new computer. So, if you see an Apple logo on their devices, this gift card is sure to please.

Amazon gift card: Amazon sells their line of home security, entertainment, and other technology, but this site is also home to thousands of other technology sellers offering gizmos and gadgets of all kinds.

If your recipient is an all-around tech lover who occasionally buys cat food at the same time, an Amazon gift card is a great option.

Best Buy gift card: Best Buy is another versatile techie gift card option since the store sells everything from cameras to video games and consoles to home appliances to laptops to home entertainment systems.

B&H Photo gift card: B&H Photo used to be all about cameras, but now this store sells everything photography, videography, computers, security and much more.

This gift card might be best for the photographer or filmmaker in your life since they’re most likely going to know the ins and outs of what this store offers.

When choosing a gift card for a techie, make sure to really think about the kind of tech they’re into.

Maybe your friend is into computers but your uncle prides himself on having the best home cinema in town. Pay close attention when you see them or ask around your circle about the gadgets they like, the tech-y toys they’ve been dying to get their hands on and the stores they rave about.

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