If you’re shopping for a lot of people, you’re bound to have at least one person who’s hard to pin down when it comes to gifts. Maybe they have dozens of interests or are shy about telling you what they want for a birthday or holiday. These cards are the ideal option for those who are hard to shop for: 

Walmart gift card: Walmart has everything—groceries, fashion, technology, home décor, hunting and fishing gear, car equipment, cleaning supplies, crafts and much more. The sheer variety of things someone can buy during a single trip to Walmart is reason enough to choose this gift card for the tough gift receiver in your circle.

Best Gift Cards for Those Who Are Hard to Shop For

Vanilla gift card: A Vanilla gift card is a Visa-sponsored card that can be loaded with $10 up to $500 and used online, at a restaurant or in stores.

Plus, when you purchase one online, you get to customize the card design to make the gift a bit more special.

Visa gift card: Put the gift selection power in their hands with a Visa gift card. These cards typically come in a few price ranges, from $10 up to a few hundred. And they’re accepted practically every establishment that accepts plastic.

They can even be used to make online purchases. What’s more is that your recipient isn’t limited to just one store — they can even use it at two, three, 12 or a million stores.

Groupon gift card: Groupon allows you to purchase experiences, tickets, spa packages, museum trips and so much more at a huge discount. If your hard-to-shop-for person likes to get out and do stuff, a Groupon gift card is the way to go.

Amazon gift card: This card deserves another entry on this list because Amazon has literally everything, making it one of the most convenient gift cards you can get someone who’s tough to pick gifts for.

Etsy gift card: Etsy is an online retailer where artisans, craftsman, thrifters and other sellers sell unique handmade or one-of-a-kind customized items. If your recipient likes special items you can’t really find anywhere else, go with an Etsy gift card.

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