Once you assess your coverage needs and discount qualification status it is time to pursue the best deals from top auto insurance providers on the market today. Certain companies are more recognizable than others for a variety of reasons. 

Some auto insurance providers are popular because they offer the lowest rates. Some are popular because they provide excellent customer service. Others have flexible coverage options, beneficial discount programs or cater to specific customer demographics (seniors, U.S. military, students, etc.). Geico, Allstate and Progressive each combine affordable premiums, competitive discount programs, pricing transparency and strong brand-name appeal.

Do Take Advantage of Deals from These Top Providers
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One of the best deals available from Progressive is its willingness to help customers find the best rates and policies, even if the result is them choosing another company. Progressive’s proprietary car insurance policies are also affordable for most drivers and competitive with those offered by other providers. This makes Progressive one of, if not the most transparent discount car insurance companies on the market today.

Geico has similar brand-name recognition to Progressive. Drivers around the country are happy with Geico car insurance products due to their flexible coverage options and beneficial discount programs. 

Allstate is another household name for car insurance coverage in the U.S. today. The company has been in the business for almost a century and has a reputation for providing high-quality customer service. Allstate is trusted by drivers everywhere because of this long-standing reputation in addition to its competitively discounted prices.

Additional top car insurance providers operating in the U.S. today include:

  • Liberty Mutual.
  • American Family.
  • Nationwide.
  • State Farm.
  • Travelers.
  • USAA.
  • Farmers.

The State Farm Drive Safe and Save program utilizes a modern technology program called Telematics to monitor its customer’s driving habits to provide appropriately calculated safe driving discounts. The Geico military discount provides many benefits and perks for drivers with active or veteran U.S. military status. 

Some companies offer courtesy discounts to drivers once they reach the age of fifty. Others give discounted auto insurance premium rates to students who keep their Grade Point Average (GPA) at a 3.0 or higher while in college.

Additional car insurance deals and discounts you might take advantage of from top providers (when qualified) include:

  • Safe driver discounts after passing a safe driving class.
  • Discounts for good credit ratings (FICO scores).
  • Premium and monthly payment discounts in exchange for increasing your deductible.
  • Reduced family plan or bundle package rates.
  • Limited-driver discounts.

Sometimes, you can also find courtesy discounts for financial hardship or serious medical issues. Discounts for referring new customers to the company are common, and reduced premiums when you trade in your newer car for an older model are also common!

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