How To Save $$$ With Auto Discounts And Lower Monthly Auto Payments

Discount car insurance is available for drivers of all ages and professions. Finding those discounts is easier than ever but still requires some knowledge of what to look for and how to compare the best products.

Many consumers know discounts are available for safe drivers. Did you know you might also qualify for lower car insurance premiums just because you are a student, senior or member of a U.S. military service (active or veteran alike)? Read ahead to learn all you need to know about auto insurance discounts today.

How Seniors Can Save Money Using Insurance Discounts
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Senior citizens get and deserve great deals and numerous products. Senior auto insurance policies have to take many factors into account when determining risks and rates. This leads many consumers to believe auto insurance prices for seniors are likely to be higher than they are for drivers of younger ages. The opposite is often true, however for qualified senior drivers with safe driving records.

The challenge for insurance companies wanting to honor the nation’s seniors involves general roadway safety and varied state regulations. Many seniors are fully independent and capable of operating vehicles without limitations. Others have minimal to moderate physical or medical issues but can still drive safely on U.S. roadways.

The level of car insurance protection seniors need depends on their ability to verify safe driving habits and knowledge of current state driving laws. Some companies also offer general age-related discount premiums to people fifty years and older. Others go a step further and provide additional discounts to seniors who successfully complete safe driving classes. Conversely, some auto insurance providers raise premium prices for drivers when they reach sixty to seventy years of age.

Most auto discounts for seniors are attainable online, over the phone or in person. This allows each senior to feel comfortable with the method they choose with which to pursue lower rates. The most organic method of obtaining lower premiums as a senior driver is to maintain a clean and accident-free driving record.

Whether it was pandemic-based or overall economic reasons, many people were driving less in 2020 and simultaneously losing money. Automobile insurance companies are businesses that need profits to stay in business. As a result, new policies and discount programs were introduced to maintain a healthy customer base.

Additional ways for seniors to save on auto insurance include:

  • American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) safe driving classes.
  • American Automobile Association (AAA) safe driving classes.
  • Bundle home and auto insurance together or with other policies.
  • Trading in an expensive car for an older, less-expensive model.
  • Adding safety devices such as an anti-theft system to your vehicle.

Discounts for Geico policies are available to senior drivers who spend less time behind the wheel. The Geico PrimeTime plan is also available to qualified seniors and includes a guaranteed automatic renewal policy (certain conditions apply). The State Farm Drive Safe and Save program provides discounts to senior drivers as a welcoming enrollment bonus for joining the program. 

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