U.S. military service members are another driver demographic deserving of the best military car insurance rates available when qualified. Both private and military-specific auto insurance providers offer discounts for active and veteran members of U.S. military branches. Enrolling in these programs is possible online, via phone or in-person talking directly to an agent. Additional verification is commonly required pursuant to military status. Otherwise, the enrollment and approval process for these programs is the same as for other non-military-based car insurance discount deals.

The United States Auto Insurance Company provides premium discounts using affiliate programs with other insurance providers. Discounts are available for international driving and additional military-based driver scenarios. Even though some additional information is required regarding your military status, enrolling in these programs is usually fast and convenient. Most forms are uploadable online. Signatures are processed electronically through secure delivery systems. Additionally, auto discount quotes are provided quickly online through either the United States Auto Insurance Company, its affiliates or other auto insurance providers offering military-based discounts.

Car Insurance Discounts for U.S. Military Members (active and veteran)

The Geico military discount grants lower insurance premium rates to qualified active-duty or veteran drivers. Qualification is based on current or former military service, association with certain military organizations and emergency deployment orders. Once approved as an active service member you will see as much as a fifteen percent reduction in your annual premiums.

Members of the U.S. National Guard or Reserves are also included in Geico military discount programs. Geico discount programs also extend up to fifteen percent premium rate reductions to U.S. veterans. Military life is often demanding. Geico understands this and offers additional discounts to help accommodate the needs of active service members. Additional Emergency Deployment discounts are provided when you are deployed into an imminent danger pay area as designated by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and approved by the United States Congress. Programs such as these help you save money at home, while serving overseas.

Other companies also offer discount auto insurance rates to U.S. military service members today. Liberty Mutual grants a ten percent military discount for its auto insurance products and even more savings for Military Benefits Association members. Liberty Mutual has a comprehensive-only insurance policy, which is perfect for active service members facing deployment orders.

While Progressive does not offer specific military-based discounts it does provide perks, which are beneficial for military lifestyles. For example, vehicles stored during deployment are permitted to carry comprehensive-only insurance. Lapses in coverage during active-duty periods also qualify for continuous coverage as if no lapse ever occurred. Armed Forces Insurance only provides insurance to members of the U.S. military community. Comprehensive-only insurance, penalty-free coverage lapses and discounts per-state are all offered.

Armed Forces Insurance also offers auto Insurance coverage for:

  • Veterans.
  • Military spouses (active or retired).
  • Children of active or retired service members.
  • Service Academy cadets.
  • Department of Defense civilian employees (current or retired).
  • NOAA and PHS commissioned officers (current or former).

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