The year’s best cell phone deals are here for Apple and Android lovers alike. No matter your preference, you can find discounts and incentives for the latest models as well as bundling discounts for switching to a new cell phone carrier. 

Before you can find the best iPhone deals or discounts on Android devices, it’s important to consider your needs. Many of these deals are available from cell phone carriers, which means you’ll need to bundle the device with a service plan to access the discount. 

Looking for the Best Cell Phone Deals in 2021? Consider These Promotions
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When it comes to iPhone deals, Verizon comes out on top. Both current and new customers can get a new iPhone 13 for free when trading in an eligible device. The trade-in rebate is worth $800 ($1,000 for the Pro model). New customers may even qualify for an extra savings of $500 to use toward device or plan payments. 

Some of the best iPhone deals are also offered by AT&T, which is running a promotion for new customers interested in purchasing a brand-new iPhone 13. If you are looking to switch and save, you could get a free iPhone 13 by trading in your current device and opening a new unlimited plan.

There are plenty of cheap cell phones (and cheap cell phone plans, for that matter) available for customers looking to trim a few bucks off their bill. If you don’t need an unlimited cell phone plan, consider a no-contract or prepaid phone. You’ll only pay for the exact data or minutes you need and may choose to skip a month if you don’t need it. 

Cheap cell phones are usually ones that do not have all the bells and whistles of a new smartphone. For example, these devices may not have cameras or may not be equipped to handle the newest cellular networks, like 5G. 

Some cell phone deals are offered through carrier programs. For example, AT&T Signature unlimited program offers even more discounts and savings for select customers. This savings program is available to the following groups of people:

  • Employees of select companies
  • Students enrolled at selected schools
  • AARP members
  • Union members

Those who qualify for the AT&T signature unlimited program can enjoy monthly discounts, waived fees and discounts on certain accessories. 

Other cheap cell phone plans are offered to first responders, such as FirstNet. This mobile network, which was built with AT&T, offers steeply discounted prices and nationwide coverage to those who qualify. 

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