Learn How to Get Perks With These Top Travel Rewards Cards

The COVID-19 pandemic made travel difficult or downright impossible these last couple of years. Like many Americans, you may be itching to travel now that it is becoming safer to do so, and travel credit cards help you do just that.

The best travel credit card rewards you for your travel purchases, such as flights, hotels, rentals, gas, groceries, and more. Additionally, some credit cards are better for international travel, and others provide more rewards overall so that you can earn cashback rewards for your everyday purchase too. Here’s a look at the best travel credit cards in 2024.

Best Rewards Credit Card for Travel
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One of the top travel credit cards is the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. This Chase travel rewards card offers five percent cash back on any grocery store purchases up to $12,000, excluding Target and Walmart purchases.

Additionally, Chase Freedom Unlimited gives you 3 percent cash back on drugstore and dining and 1.5 percent cash back on all your other purchases. The best part is that there are no minimum requirements for redeeming your rewards and, as long as your account is open, rewards will never expire.

Chase awards new customers by providing a 0 percent APR for the first 15 months on all purchases. After the introductory period, you’ll get a variable APR of 14.99 to 23.74 percent.

Additionally, the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card is the best travel credit card with no annual fee – Ever. That’s not an introductory offer, and you won’t be charged a yearly fee down the road for this card, giving you all the benefits of a cashback card without a common drawback of travel cards.

Another best cashback credit card is the Citi Custom Cash Card. Citi provides an interesting and unique twist on cashback rewards cards. With a Citi Custom Cash Card, you’ll get five percent back on your purchases based on your unique spending habits. Citi analyzes your spending categories to provide you with five percent back on your top category, like gas, dining, groceries, hotels, and so on, of up to $500 spent each month.

In addition, you’ll get one percent cashback on all of your other purchases. You can redeem your points in various ways, including a statement credit, direct deposit, check, gift card, and points towards purchases on Amazon.com.The Citi Custom Cash Card is more than just a travel credit card. You’ll get 0 percent APR for 15 months on purchases balance transfers, and there’s no annual fee to cardholders.

After the introductory period, your APR will be based on your creditworthiness, between 13.99 and 23.99 percent APR. Additionally, you can add authorized users without an additional fee, and you’ll still earn cashback rewards on their purchases too.

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Updated on 05/24/2022