Moving is listed as one of the top-5 most stressful events humans experience over the course of their lives. People going through major relocations almost always need help in numerous ways. Large furniture, kitchen appliances and outdoor or sporting equipment—such as lawnmowers, swing sets, trampolines—simply do not fit in regular vehicles. Sometimes people moving do not have the money to rent a U-Haul, Penske, or Ryder truck.

Other times only a few large items require special transportation, and it does not make sense to rent a larger expensive moving truck. Even if you do not have a truck or SUV, it is possible to fill your vehicle with smaller boxes and items to help reduce the number of trips your clients have to make. This is especially helpful to people who are moving delicate or fragile items and need a separate vehicle or trip to get them to their new homes safely.

Move Your Income in the Right Direction – Help People Move Using Your Personal Vehicle.
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Using your vehicle to help people move works in two ways. It is possible to rent your truck, van or SUV to people the same way you would when using a car-sharing company.

However, instead of using your vehicle to get to work or take a vacation, your vehicle would be loaded with the renter’s personal items and used to transport them from one home to another. It is also possible to rent your vehicle to help people move with you and your physical labor included.

The latter option is obviously best for younger, stronger individuals and not retirees looking to earn a little extra spending cash. A third option is for you to drive your vehicle and transport the client’s items but not lift or load them at all.

When people move, they also need assistance transporting pets. Moving while both caring for and transporting family pets adds to the stress of the overall situation. If you own a pickup truck with a covered bed, an SUV, or even a large hatchback, you might be able to earn extra money by transporting people’s pets for them during their move.

The way you advertise your services is key to making the most money. Take measurements and assess exactly how many totes or boxes your vehicle can transport safely. Set your own rates. Be firm, but flexible in order to attract as many potential movers as possible. 

Should you set hourly or flat rates? Should you set a base rate then assess surcharges for incidentals and excess mileage? Organizing your part-time moving help operation helps you maximize your profits when using your vehicle to earn more money.

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