Any way to help you save money in 2024 is a good way, right? Thousands of money-saving strategies exist but the best ones are easy to use and have automatic features. Browser extensions are highly convenient and effective methods of locating the coupons you need to save now, simply by using your favorite internet browser. What is a browser extension?

Essentially, a browser extension adds specific functions and features to an internet browser. The primary purpose of coupon-based extensions is to add automatic coupon finder functionality to your browser. This saves you time by delivering notifications when a shopping website you are on is offering discounts, promotions, cashback and other money-saving rewards.

Browser Extensions To Help You Get Coupons
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The Capital One Shopping website browser extension is an excellent source of coupons for tech bargains and more. The Brad’s Deals website coupon finder and browser extension help you save money, while also providing current information on promotions from your favorite retailers. Brad’s Deals also turns you on to the best times of the year to get lower prices on your favorite products based on prior sales and market data.

Honey was mentioned above as providing one of, if not the most popular coupon apps with consumers today. The Honey extension functions with more than thirty-thousand merchants worldwide, three hundred merchants in the U.S. in addition to the several U.K and Canadian options. The proprietary Honey Gold rewards program grants additional savings and rewards to users, including rewards for friends-and-family referrals.

Honey Gold rewards are also earned by purchasing products via participating retailers. Honey’s browser extension is designed to work seamlessly with the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app, but also works on your browser without the app as applicable.

The Camelizer is a browser extension designed to display the price history of items for which you are searching on Amazon. This extension notifies you when lower prices become available and, when used correctly, saves you money on every Amazon purchase you make. The Camelizer also sends you price-drop notification alerts via Twitter, email or both.

One of this extension’s best features is the ability to import your Amazon wish list into the program so you are aware of every time your favorite products go on sale or drop in price. Companies such as Amazon offer competitive prices on products store-wide along with customer reviews.

Some reviews are paid for by the sellers, however, and misguide consumers into buyer’s remorse experiences. Fakespot is a browser extension designed to analyze product reviews and differentiate between those that are real, bot-generated and purchased by the sellers. Additional browser extensions designed to save you money in 2024 include:

  • InvisibleHand.
  • PriceScout.

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Updated on 05/24/2022